Upgrades for Affordability (U4A)

Preserving Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing At Scale

Partner with U4A to upgrade properties, preserve affordability, and promote healthier living environments.

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Make a dent in the Affordability Crisis

Transforming Properties, Enhancing Lives

Upgrading housing units to improve tenant well-being and property lifespan, creating stable living environments.

Stabilizing Rents, Securing Futures

Linking rents to AMI to provide affordable, stable housing and long-term financial security for tenants.

Comprehensive Upgrades for Sustainability

Delivering property improvements that enhance energy efficiency, safety, and overall living conditions.

Collaboration for Greater Impact

Partnering with nonprofits and local governments to amplify our reach and effectiveness in preserving affordable housing.

Expert Management for Seamless Upgrades

Providing end-to-end construction management to minimize disruptions and ensure high-quality renovations.

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Upgrade Housing, Ensure Stability

How deep is the Rabbit Hole?


Units Lost Annually

For every new unit built, two are lost. U4A aims to reverse this trend by preserving thousands of affordable units each year.


of Renters Are Rent Burdened

U4A's approach will align rent growth with wage growth, easing financial stress for tenants.


of SMMF Units Are Affordable

U4A will focus on preserving these vital units to maintain affordability and improve living conditions for tenants.


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Answers to Your Burning Questions

Why should local governments consider U4A? 

Upgrades for Affordability offers a truly holistic approach to solving a critical part the affordable housing crisis, preserving housing affordable to those making 30%-120% AMI. Our program begins with comprehensive inspections to understand the current state of apartment buildings, prioritizes the most impactful improvements for property resilience, tenant health, and quality of life, and manages the construction process from start to finish. We collaborate with nonprofits to provide ongoing tenant services and use resilience and impact tracking to measure the effectiveness of our interventions. U4A's integrated package is more capital-efficient than traditional methods, making it a smart, sustainable solution for preserving and enhancing affordable housing.

How can I participate in the U4A program as a landlord?

We welcome landlords interested in upgrading their properties while maintaining affordable rents. You can apply through our website by clicking "inquire", and our team will guide you through the enrollment process.

What types of upgrades are covered by U4A?

U4A provides funding for various property improvements, including energy efficiency upgrades, HVAC and air quality enhancements, water conservation measures, safety enhancements, aesthetic improvements, and appliance upgrades. Please fill out the inquiry form for a detailed list of eligible upgrades.

How does the financing work?

U4A finances property upgrades through a loan agreement with the county. The repayment terms are based on a per-unit annual cost, spread over a period of 5-20 years, aligned with stabilized rent agreements. Landlords do not pay for anything as long as they adhere to the rent covenant.

What are the benefits of participating in U4A?

Participating in U4A helps you enhance property value, improve tenant satisfaction, and contribute to community stability, all while receiving support for necessary upgrades.

Will the renovation disrupt my tenants' daily lives?

We strive to minimize disruption during the renovation process. Our project management team works efficiently to complete upgrades as quickly as possible while keeping tenants informed of any necessary adjustments to their daily routines.

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